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About The Black Antelope Group

Who We Are

We are innovators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and learners. We are by your side as well as on your side. Your success is ours.

As a collective group, we bring together a wealth of expertise, a diverse range of skills and always a high level of professionalism. We are normal people, helping to deliver more than the norm.

What We Do

At the Black Antelope Group, we support our clients to achieve their objectives through a range of services that combine intelligence and awareness, communication, learning and decisive action: the traits that the Antelope symbolises and represents.

We “Assess. Define. Resolve” disputes through our alternative dispute resolution service; we provide “Expert. Objective. Accessible” legal advice and support through our legal team; and we provide bespoke solutions and training for ambitious individuals and businesses through our coaching service by “Modelling Excellence, Shaping Your Success”.

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