Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual Property can be an individual or company’s most valuable asset and therefore protecting and defending it should be an absolute priority. After all, in this day and age, an individual or company’s brand is what defines their business and keeps their customers or followers coming back. It can take years of effort, money, and expertise to establish a reputable brand but sadly this can be easily exploited by others.

Our highly skilled contentious IP team are here to assist your company with challenging brand misuse and enforcement. We have particular expertise in litigating Intellectual Property rights in the Information Technology and Media and Entertainment sector, which is prone to IP infringement in this digital age. Whether it’s defending your trademark, copyright, domain name or other IP rights from misuse, we will take swift and decisive action to save your company and its identity from abuse.

Media and Entertainment Law

We specialise in working with music producers, musicians, and social media personalities to negotiate Image Rights Agreements, Advertising Campaign Agreements, Publishing Contracts and other more general Media and Business Contracts.