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Black Antelope Law Partners Up With CrowdJustice

Black Antelope Law is pleased to announce that it has partnered up with the innovative lawtech company, CrowdJustice, as part of its continuing commitment to making high-quality legal services as accessible as possible.

CrowdJustice enables litigants to raise funds for legal fees and costs from friends, family and other supporters online. Funds can be raised publicly, by crowdfunding from a community of online supporters, or privately, through CrowdJustice Private, which enables them to set up a whip-round among their close network, with invitation-only access to their fundraising page. Funds raised can also be used to help litigants cover some of the risk of paying the other side’s legal costs if they lose.

Funds raised on CrowdJustice are transferred directly to our client account on the litigant’s behalf, which means that clients do not need to handle the administration of payments or deal with the compliance issues involved in holding funds. It also means that litigants can tell everyone donating that funds raised will be transferred directly to their lawyers’ client account, rather than to them personally.

Black Antelope Law, a winner of the CorporateLiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2019, believes that this new partnership will be an exciting development for its business and consumer clients whilst also widening access to justice for those who wish to work with our lawyers but who have previously been unable to due to financial constraints and will complement its existing options for litigation funding.



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