Roshni Patel 1988 – 2018

It is with great sadness that we announce that our Roshni Patel (Solicitor and Head of Marketing & Communications) has recently passed away.

For those of us who were fortunate enough to know Roshni, three words come to mind:

  1. Sacrifice
  2. Tenacity
  3. Light-heartedness


Roshni was someone who, time and again, made great sacrifices to support her family and friends, of which she had many. She took an extended break from law to become a carer at a time when her career was really taking off. At Black Antelope Law we were delighted to offer her path back into the profession when the time came as her talent was immediately obvious.

Roshni was a real favourite with our clients and in and outside of work she was extremely supportive of her colleagues. She took her duties as the Mental Health and Wellbeing Officer very seriously: there was no getting away with skipping breaks or not eating properly on her watch, even if she had to supervise you eating your lunch!


Roshni was an achiever and someone who got things done. She was tenacious and it never surprised us to find that she had managed to secure a new business development opportunity out of thin air. Her resilience against setbacks was her greatest quality.


Roshni was someone who really knitted our workplace family together with her cheerfulness and banter. She would regularly send members of the team funny memes and jokes to lighten the mood. She loved all things Disney and was not in any way embarrassed about her summer holiday to Disneyland. Her response to office banter about her trip typified Roshni:

“People who hate Disney:

  • Don’t have a heart
  • Never had a childhood
  • Probably aren’t human to begin with!”

As a founding member of Black Antelope Law, Roshni truly believed in the Black Antelope ethos and leaves a legacy for us to continue. Our thoughts go out to her family at this difficult time.

For those who wish to pay their respects to Roshni and her work, her family has asked that people show their support for Mind, a charity which was very close to her heart and for which she was fundraising. Our annual charity and networking evening to be held on 24 October 2018 will now also be a memorial event and we would love to see you there. For anyone who cannot attend but wishes to show their support, donations to Mind can be made via our Justgiving page:


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  1. Kalyani Patel
    Kalyani Patel says:

    Hare Krishna.
    I am sorry for your loss. I pray to Krishna to help her onward journey.
    I just came here by divine universal arrangement…I was actually googling for `Roshni eye charity` which was organised years ago via Satya Sai Baba devotees ( Ishwarbhai) because I wanted to share the info to my Opthalmic doctor friend.
    I am proud to read your dear daughters achievements and especially of her spiritual qualities. MIND is a great charity and mental health is an essential cause to support because it affects most people. Thank you to her for all her efforts to make
    Iife better for others and contribute so much in her sadly short life. Om Tat Sat


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