Introducing our Charity of the Year 2019: Maa!

Our Charity of the Year 2019 has been selected by our Saadia Sharmin. Here is what Saadia had to say about why she choose the Maternal Aid Association (Maa):

“My mother is my biggest role model and has made me the strong woman that I am today. It is devastating that in Bangladesh, where my mother was born and raised, maternal mortality is still disturbingly high. I love how so many students, Universities and professionals across the UK, are uniting together to do something about it. I am truly inspired by the hard work and dedication of every single member of Maa and I hope that all funds raised this year can support them to set up more Medical Camps abroad and help save more mothers and children”.

The Directors of the Black Antelope Group had this to say about Maa:

“As a company founded by millennials, we were impressed by the drive and initiative shown by the founding student members of the charity who are demonstrating that millennial startups can and do make a very real contribution to the world outside the field of FinTech. Their incredible achievements to-date whilst being entirely student-led is an inspiration to us all and we believe as an organisation we share a common ethos”.

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