The Black Antelope Group Makes the Halo Code Pledge

The Black Antelope Group is pleased to announce that it has signed up to the Halo Code pledge across all its business activities. Protecting and promoting the identity of all staff, volunteers and interns is a fundamental part of the company’s ethos and the organisation recognises that in addition to tackling overt discrimination, it is also important to challenge more nuanced forms of discrimination such as “hair discrimination”.

By signing up to the Halo Code pledge, The Black Antelope Group is making a promise to members of the Black community that they have the freedom and security to wear all afro-hairstyles without restriction or judgment when participating in our recruitment processes, in accessing our services or as a member of our workplace.

Simao Paxi-Cato, Director at The Black Antelope Group had this to say about the organisation’s commitment:

“As an organisation we had no hesitation in supporting this campaign. An individual’s hairstyle is an important part of their personal identity and workplace practices, such as dresscodes, are just one of a number of subtle ways in which members of minority communities can feel straight-jacketed to conform (and therefore be accepted) and not bring their whole-selves to work. I hope that other organisations will follow our lead, but also that schools and other institutions around the UK and across the globe will follow suit. To read that 46% of parents surveyed felt that their child’s school uniform policy penalises afro-hair, shows that hairstyle is one of the many forms of discriminations that Black people experience from a young age and one of a long list of adjustments they need to make to fit in with stereotypes imposed by a majority white society.

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